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Japanese narration (RealAudio sound file)

"Heated battle of 282 moves. A cool 2 points were left"


This part became an endgame match. The final point of interest appeared suddenly after the 200th move. First of all if the HANE of white-101 were relaxed by black-A, there would have been no problem. White-105 was thrown in and utilizing B, the ko of white-111 appeared.


However, Moore-san was calm. Usually, if such a thing happens in such a place one would give up. Moore-san says, "I knew I had a good chance because black had ko threats and also because Sanno SENSEI's facial expression did not look too well...." He said it well.


Moore-san's judgement was right. White only had the ko threat of 19 in the 6th diagram. I was impressed when black-20 erased the ko and in the end it left two eyes.


"I cannot beat him at 8 stones. He is well qualified to be 3-Dan."


He left for the USA carrying Mr. Sanno's comment in his heart as his souvenir. I bet he will come to like Go better and Japan better.


Completion; 282 moves. Black 2-point victory

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