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Japanese narration (RealAudio sound file)

"Scared by AJIWARU (bad taste)"


Black-8, -10, -12. There goes "KEIMA NO TSUKIDASHI", Moore-san's bad habit. The more he plays, the harder he tries to avoid the invasion of white, and the deeper the scar is made by white-9, -11, and -13. A smart move would be putting 12 against 8, and "if you go for AJIWARU anyway, black-14 TENUKI and upper left black-29 are one idea." adds Sanno 9-DAN.


"AJIWARU" (bad aji) is about the lower half. It would have been safe with the TOBI of A at black-2. And if black-25 TSUKE had followed black -24, it would have been prudent. It appears uncomfortable to have white-25 get out of a hole. It was careless to leave such a big break of B, after B-28 attempted to break-in of white-27. As a matter of fact, there was a way of placing black-26 to ease B, in order to match A and C. Perhaps Moore-san was not at ease to think of such a thing. The upper left has been revitalized from white-31. Such a dominant GO started to look like a YOSE (endgame) match.


"What would you have done if white-47, -48 were extended?" asked Sanno 9-DAN after the match. Moore-san had to think hard. Since black D is very effective against white-48 (white would be dead with black-E, white-F, and black-G), it is possible to place black-47. It is quite useful to know such a basic knowledge of life and death.


Moore-san must have felt relieved (I think) when white-47 was "compassionately" placed.

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