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From the March 1997 issue of Igo Club magazine
page 94-99, the handicap feature chapter:

Club Okigo Dojo (Igo Club Magazine's Handicap School
(published by the Nihon Ki-in, used with permission)

Moore-san had an easy victory with a perfect yose (endgame).

"I like Japan even better now".

Picture of Me and Mr. Sano at the goban

八子 ケヴィン・ムーア
8 stones: Kevin Moore

三王 裕孝九段
Hirotaka SANNO 9-Dan

Reporter: Junji AMATAKE

First Meeting

We have our first foreign guest this time. He is Mr. Kevin Moore, a pianist born in America.

As soon as we heard that there was an foreigner pianist at a hotel in Tokyo who was quite fond of Go, Hirotaka Sanno 9-Dan visited him and instructed him with 8-stone handicap play. "I managed to beat him, but up until half way it was an excellent match of OKIGO SHITATE (lower hand). As if to have revenge on that match, this match has materialized."

It was at a Go club in San Francisco where Moore-san first tried Go. He says, "I played on a 13-line board with a 2-stone handicap and I won. I was very happy." He sounds like he was very talented. Afterwards he has visited Japan on business and this is his third visit here.

"I am interested in introducing Go on my homepage and developing a computer program on the rules.", says Mr. Moore who is steadily on his way to becoming a foreigner version of GOKICHI (a person who is crazy about Go, a Go fanatic). And, oh yes, I should mention that Mr. Moore is a bachelor at the moment and wishes to find a Japanese girl friend who can play Go.

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