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Sanno 9-DAN who praised (Moore-san) "wonderful" in the previous diagram, now in this diagram expressed highest admiration with "perfect!". Up against typical moves of white-69 and -71, there were the perfect moves of black-72 to -86. There was a gasp (of Sanno) "this was a highlight of this match".


Especially the ATE of black-72 was wonderful. If one had lost confidence and made the TSUKI of black-75, white-85 would come in and target black on the left hand side. Black-73 or -77 could have been considered. But without worrying about the revenge of white-73, countering black-72 was placed, and -84 and -86 toughed it out. "Up against such a perfect hand, white is in a hopeless situation," says Sanno 9-DAN.


The TSUKE of white-91 is nasty. The wisest thing against this would be black-1 SAGARU, but the actual move was not so bad. Leftovers in the upper left corner are a bit unstable but this is Moore-san at his best in this mid stage.

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