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Most of these definitions are taken directly from
the edict Japanese language dictionary.

Page 4 (pg 97) vocabulary list:

前譜 (ぜんぶ) previous diagram
本譜 (ほんぶ) this daigram
褒める (ほめる) to praise, to speak well
本譜 (ほんぶ) this daigram
絶賛 (ぜっさん) great admiration
常套手段(じょうとうしゅだん) old trick; old ploy
寸分 (すんぶん) a bit
完璧 (かんぺき) perfection (an)
狂い (くるい) deviation, confusion, disorder
完璧 (かんぺき) perfection (an)
思わず (おもわず) unintentional, spontaneous
ハイライト highlight
場面 (ばめん) sight, scene, setting
唸る (うなる) to gasp, to moan, to roar, to howl, to growl, to hum
とくに particularly, especially
すばらしい wonderful, splendid, magnificent
弱気 (よわき) timid (an), faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
左辺 (さへん) left side
狙う (ねらう) to aim at
他 (た) other
考える (かんがえる) to consider
返す (かえす) to return something (vt)
恐れ (おそれ) fear, horror
反発 (はんぱつ) repelling (vs), rebound, recover, oppose
頑張る (がんばる) to persist, to insist on, to stand firm
完璧 (かんぺき) perfection (an)
絶望 (ぜつぼう) despair (vs)
形勢 (けいせい) condition, situation, prospects
厄介 (やっかい) trouble (an), burden, care, bother, worry
対して (たいして) for, in regard to, per
もっとも most, extremely
簡明 (かんめい) simple and plain
実戦 (実戦) actual[real] fighting
悪く (わるく) bad
左上隅 (ひだりうわすみ) upper left corner
手残り (てのこり) leftover moves
心配 (しんぱい) worry (vs), concern
絶好調 (ぜっこうちょう) best style, ideal style, perfect style
中盤戦 (ちゅうばんせん) mid - game

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