Bilingual Go Game - 8 Stone Handicap

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In the fall of 1996, while working as a pianist in Tokyo, I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Sanno, a 9-Dan professional Go player. This chance meeting eventually resulted in the wonderful opportunity to be involved in a Go match that became published in the March 1997 Igo Club magazine.

I decided to create a bilingual version of it. Many thanks to:

If the Japanese text is unreadable, try using SHODOUKA at

Or try the UK's embassy site at

I created .pdf files of the Japanese text with furigana over all of the kanji: PDF Files only (Use a .pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader)

NOTE: The "Study" pages have romaji (in case you can't display or read kanji)

Comments are welcome. This is a "work in progress", and I hope to make many more refinements soon. I am still working on the transliterations (in the "Study" pages) in order to explain all the grammar.

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