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Japanese narration (RealAudio sound file)

"Unsure Start-up"

何度も海外に囲碁指導に出かけ、英語にも堪能な三王九段だけに、局後の感想戦では英語日本語をまじえて、ムーアさんに厳しい指摘が何度も飛んだ。たとえば一見フツウに見える黒6。「もちろん悪手ではありませんが、白7から9、11まで、黒石が割られるのが気になるんです」と言って推奨したのが1図、黒1のコスミ。ついで白2、4のツケヒキは黒5と固まってありがたいし、白aには黒bで十分。何よりうわ手の常套手段である白c、黒d、白eのツケ切りを防いでいるのが自慢 なのだ(黒fから裂いて出ればいい)。

Sanno 9-DAN, who speaks English well and who has made many teaching trips overseas, made many critical comments to Moore-san reflecting the match in English mixed with Japanese. For example, the seemingly ordinary placement of black-6. "Of course it is not a bad move but I would worry a bit about the fact that the black stones will be divided by white-7 to -9, and -11." After saying that, Sanno 9-Dan recommended black-1 KOSUMI (a diagonal play next to one's own stone), as shown on chart 1. Then, the TSUKEHIKI of white -2 and -4 stuck with black-5 which is very welcome. Black-b is enough for white-a. Most of all, black is proud to prevent the TSUKE (attachment with an enemy stone, but not contacting any friendly stones) of white-c, black-b, and white-e, which is a common strategy of UWATE (play by stronger player). (It is best to break through from black-f).


Placing the black-18 HANE (a diagonal move played in contact with an enemy stone) against white-17 TSUKE was an unnecessary reaction. Now that black-18 was placed, 21 should be placed against -20. It was reckless to make an attempt of cutting through from black-24. I would suggest to clean up with black-A, white-26, black-29, white-30, and black-31, etc.


"As UWATE (play by stronger player) is naturally cautioned, you should build up your own position first of all. Black-18 and -24 are typical bad moves of SHITATE (play by weaker player)." says Mr. Sanno. He is rather strict.


After black-26 and -28 KIRI (cut), 32 was muscled in but white-33 and -35 are brilliant. Then black-B was prepared against white-C. To be honest, I thought this pattern could lead to the defeat of SHITATE, but from this point on Moore-san demonstrated an excellent fight which even surprised Sanno 9-DAN.

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