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Most of these definitions are taken directly from
the edict Japanese language dictionary.

Page 2 (pg 95) vocabulary list:

不安 (ふあん) anxiety (an), uneasiness, insecurity, suspense
立ちあがり (たちあがり)starting, beginning
何度も (なんども) many times over, often
海外 (かいがい) foreign, abroad, overseas
指導 (しどう) leadership (vs), guidance, coaching
出かける (でかける) to depart, to go out
英語 (えいご) the English language
堪能 (たんのう) proficient (an), skillful
局後 (きょくご)after the match
感想 (かんそう) impressions, thoughts
まじえる to mix, to converse with, to cross (swords)
厳しい (きびしい) severe, strict, stern
指摘 (してき) pointing out (vs), identification
たとえば for example
一見 (いっけん) a look, a glimpse, first meeting, glance (vs)
フツウ common, ordinary
見える (みえる) to be seen, to be in sight, to look, to seem, to appear
黒 (くろ)black
もちろん of course, certainly, naturally
悪手 (あくしゅ) poor move
白 (しろ)white
黒石 (くろいし)black stones
割る (わる) to divide, to cut, to break
気になる (きになる) to be on one's mind, to worry one, to feel uneasy, to be anxious
推奨 (すいしょう) praise, recommendation
図 (ず) figure (e.g. Fig 1), drawing, picture, illustration
ついで next, secondly, subsequently
固まる (かたまる) (vi) to harden, to solidify, to become firm, to become certain
ありがたい grateful, thankful
十分 (じゅうぶん) enough, satisfactory
何より (なにより) most (an), best
うわ手 (うわて)play by stronger or higher-ranked player
常套手段 (じょうとうしゅだん)old trick; old ploy
切り (きり)cut
防ぐ (ふせぐ) to defend (against) (vt), to protect, to prevent
自慢 (じまん) pride (vs), boast
裂く (さく) to tear, to split
出す (だす) to put out, to send
よけい too much, unnecessary, abundance (an), surplus, excess, superfluity
反発 (はんぱつ) repelling (vs), rebound, recover, oppose
切断 (せつだん) cutting (vs), severance, section, amputation
狙う (ねらう) to aim at
無謀 (むぼう) reckless (an), thoughtless, recklessness
整える (ととのえる) to put in order, to get ready, to arrange, to adjust
それなり in itself, as it is
警戒 (けいかい) warning (vs), admonition, vigilance
まず first (of all), to start with
自陣 (じじん)own position
強い (つよい) strong, powerful, mighty
典型的 (てんけいてき) typical, model, ideal
結構 (けっこう) splendid, nice, well enough
キビシイ severe, strict, stern, intense
実力 (じつりょく) merit, efficiency, arms, force
行使 (こうし) use, exercise
図る (はかる) to plan, to attempt
うまい skillful
ついて about, as to, regarding
用意 (ようい) preparation (vs)
正直 (しょうじき) honesty (an), integrity, frankness
負ける (まける) to lose, to be defeated
パターン pattern
思う (おもう) to think, to feel
ところが however
びっくり be surprised (uk,vs), be amazed, be frightened
奮戦 (ふんせん) hard fighting
見せる (みせる) to show, to display
くれる to give, to let one have, to do for one, to be given

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