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"Wonderful. Black-36 was the best move, which made the rest of the endeavor possible," praises Sanno 9-DAN for the first time during this match. Mr. Sanno does not usually make compliments. If black-36 was placed at any other position, there would be no chance of winning. It was such a critical point. Black NISHI was taken away by white-37. In the mean time while black-38 and -40 were leaning against white, black developed a stronghold in the center and they picked up the rhythm.


However, there is just one bad move in this diagram. It is a "push" or OSHI of black-50 which was placed unpretentiously.

三王「白51と出られて “ケイマの突き出し”を許してはいけません。黒50では2図、黒1のコスミが冷静でした」

"When white-51 was placed, do not allow メKEIMA NO TSUKIDASHI, or the push of KEIMA (knight's move)". At black-50, KOSUMI of black-1, shown in the table 2, was cool,モ says Mr. Sanno. 今度黒2とオサれてはかなわないので、白2は絶対。そこで黒3とケイマにはずすのがうまい。白51、53と裂いて出られた実戦より、はるかにスマートなのがおわかりだろう。実はこの後もケイマの突き出しを許す場面がもう一度出てくる。

Since he cannot afford to be pushed by black-2, white-2 was inevitable. It was super to detour black-3 KEIMA. I bet you understand this is much smarter than to tear white-51 and -53 apart. Actually later on once again this KEIMA NO TSUKIDASHI was allowed to play.


Though there are some questionable moves, the 8-stones have an absolute power now. Black is still dominant.

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