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Most of these definitions are taken directly from
the edict Japanese language dictionary.

Page 1 (pg 94) vocabulary list:

置碁 (おきご) handicap Go
道場 (どうじょう) dojo, hall used for martial arts training
完璧 (かんぺき) perfection (an)
ヨセ endgame
快勝 (かいしょう) comfortable win, easy victory
ますます increasingly, more and more
日本 (にほん) Japan
好き (すき) liking (an), fondness, love
八子 (はっし)8-stones (in handicap go)
記 (き) chronicle 記: = editor
はじめて for the first time
対局 (たいきょく) chess match, Go match
今回 (こんかい) now, this time, lately
初 (はつ)first
外国人 (がいこくじん) foreigner
招き (まねき) invitation
アメリカ America
生まれる (うまれる) to be born
ピアニス pianist
東京 (とうきょう) Tokyo
ホテル hotel
囲碁 (いご) Go (board game of capturing territory)
情報 (じょうほう) information, (military) intelligence
聞く (きく) to hear, to listen, to ask
早速 (さっそく) at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
訪れる (おとずれる) to visit
後日 (ごじつ) in the future
指導 (しどう) leadership (vs), guidance, coaching
勝ちました (勝ちました) won (past tense of win)
途中 (とちゅう) halfway, part of the way, on the way, en route
した手 (したて)play by a weaker or lower-ranked player
名局 (めいきょく)excellent match
雪辱 (せつじょく) vindication of honour, making up for loss, revenge
戦 (せん) war, fight, battle
実現 (じつげん) implementation (vs), materialization, realization
碁 (ご) Go (board game of capturing territory)
打つ (うつ) to hit, to strike (or, to play as in playing Go)
サンフランシスコ San Francisco
囲碁クラブ (いごクラブ)Go club
十三路盤 (じゅうさんろばん) 13-line board
二子 (にし)2-stones (in handicap go)
置く (おく) to put, to place
嬉しい (うれしい) happy, glad, pleasant
言う (いう)say
なかなか very, considerably, easily, readily, by no means (neg), fairly, quite, highly, rather
才能 (さいのう) talent, ability
持ち主 (もちぬし) owner, proprietor
その後 (そのあと) after that, afterward
仕事 (しごと) work (a-no), occupation, employment
関係 (かんけい) relation (vs), connection
三度目 (さんどめ) third time
来日 (らいにち) arrival in Japan, coming to Japan, visit to Japan
紹介 (しょうかい) introduction (vs)
ルール rule, rules
わかる to understand
コンピュータ computer
プログラム program
作る (つくる) to make, to create
着実 (ちゃくじつ) steady, sound, trustworthy
外国人版 (がいこくじんばん)foreigner version
碁キチ (ごキチ)(a person who is crazy about Go, a Go fanatic)
道 (みち)street, avenue, road, highway, route, way
進む (すすむ) to make progress (vi), to advance, to improve
忘れる (わすれる) to forget
現在 (げんざい) present, up to now, nowadays, modern times, current
独身 (どくしん) bachelorhood, single, unmarried
募集 (ぼしゅう) recruiting (vs), taking applications

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