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Most of these definitions are taken directly from
the edict Japanese language dictionary.

Page 5 (pg 98) vocabulary list:

悪い (わるい) bad, inferior
癖 (くせ) a habit (often a bad habit, i.e. vice), peculiarity
傷 (きず) wound, injury, hurt, cut, weak point
深まる (ふかまる) to deepen (vi), to heighten, to intensify
味悪 (あじわる) ajiwaru - bad potential (lit. bad taste)
手抜き (てぬき) tenuki - a move elsewhere from the current fight
左上 (ひだりうえ) upper left
一法 (いっぽう) one method
下辺 (かへん) lower half
安全 (あんぜん) safety (an), security
万全 (ばんぜん) perfection
気持ち (きもち) feeling, sensation, mood
切断 (せつだん) cutting (vs), severance, section, amputation
防ぐ (ふせぐ) to defend (against) (vt), to protect, to prevent
備え (そなえ) preparation, provision, guarding
省く (はぶく) to omit, to eliminate, to curtail, to economize
残す (のこす) to leave (behind, over)
不覚 (ふかく) failure, defeat, mistake, blunder
実は (じつは) as a matter of fact (id), by the way
見合い (みあい)miai -
余裕 (よゆう) surplus, composure, margin, room, time
生きる (いきる) to live, to exist
優勢 (ゆうせい) superiority (an), superior power, predominance
勝負 (しょうぶ) victory or defeat, match (vs), contest, game, bout
様相 (ようそう) aspect
さすが clever (uk), adept, good, expectations
局後 (きょくご) after the game
問い (とい) question, query
考え込む (かんがえこむ) to ponder, to brood
隅 (すみ) corner, nook
利く (きく) to be effective
白死 (しろし) white dies
成立 (せいりつ) coming into existence, arrangements (vs), establishment, completion
死活 (しかつ) life and-or death
基本 (きほん) foundation, basis, standard
知識 (ちしき) knowledge, information
覚える (おぼえる) to remember, to memorize
結構 (けっこう) splendid, nice, well enough
役に立つ (やくにたつ) to be helpful, to be useful
遠慮 (えんりょ) diffidence (an,vs), restraint, reserve
はず  it should be so

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