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Most of these definitions are taken directly from
the edict Japanese language dictionary.

Page 6 (pg 99) vocabulary list:

ヨセ endgame (Go)
勝負 (しょうぶ) victory or defeat, match (vs), contest, game, bout
本局 (ほんきょく) part of game
最後 (さいご) last, end, conclusion
見どころ (みどころ)  point worthy of note; high-light
過ぎ (すぎ) past, after
突如 (とつじょ) suddenly, all of a sudden
現れる (あらわれる) to appear, to come in sight, to become visible
そもそも in the first place
ゆるめる   to loosen, to slow down
何事 (なにごと) what, something, everything, nothing (neg)
残す (のこす) to leave (behind, over)
発生 (はっせい) outbreak (vs), spring forth, occurrence, origin
だが  but, however
冷静 (れいせい) calm (an), composure, coolness, serenity
普通 (ふつう) generally (a-no), ordinarily, usually
所 (ところ) place
十分 (じゅうぶん) enough, satisfactory
思う (おもう) to think, to feel
顔色 (かおいろ) complexion
悪い (わるい) bad, inferior
勝つ (かつ) to win
判断 (はんだん) judgement (vs), decision
正しい (ただしい) right, just, correct
第 (だい) ordinal (pref)
譜 (ふ) diagram
解消 (かいしょう) cancellation, liquidation
最後 (さいご) last, end, conclusion
2目 (にもく) 2 eyes (Go)
残す (のこす) to leave (behind, over)
恐れ入る (おそれいる) to be filled with awe, to be amazed
八子 (はっし) 8-stones (handicap Go)
三段 (さんだん) 3-dan
言葉 (ことば) word(s), language, speech
土産 (みやげ) present, souvenir
帰る (かえる) to go back (I), to go home, to come home
ますます increasingly, more and more
好き (すき) liking (an), fondness, love
に違いない(にちがいない) I am sure, no doubt that
手完 (てかん) completion of moves (Go)
黒2目勝ち (くろいにもくかち) Black 2 point win

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