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Ancestry charts in 4 sections:

  • Moore, Powell, Claypoole, Sipes - mostly Armstrong Co, PA - this line ties into Royalty

  • Hunter, Allshouse, Fink, Frantz, Kepple, Yockey, Bash, Lauffer, Ringle, Potts, Portzer, Otterman, Willems; mostly Westmoreland Co, PA

  • Barron, Casebeer, Friedline, Meyers, Saylor, Cober, Rhoads, Boyer, Landis; mostly Somerset Co, PA

  • Ream, Brougher, Hay, Snyder, Rayman, Zorn, Countryman, Gnaegi, Blough; mostly Somerset Co, PA

  • My descent from Charlemagne

    I've also done some research on original land ownership around Jeannette, PA specifically regarding early land ownership by Henry Allshouse. Property images and related maps for Henry Allshouse are on the:

    Allshouse land research page.

    Also, there is an early Kepple chart I created to show how Andrew and Michael Kepple were related:

    Early Kepple chart.

    Early Kepple chart as a PDF file. (best for printing)

    I also have an alternate web site that concentrates on local history. The address is: http://apollotrust.com/~kmoore/

    (See the image of the ship "Concord" at that site)

    Here are some miscellaneous photos

  • My Civil War ancestor, John M. Hunter - Great-great grandfather, b- 1837

  • My earliest photo of a paternal ancestor, Archibald Moore Jr. - 3G grandfather, b- 1810

  • My earliest image of an American ancestor, James Claypoole - 7G grandfather, b- 1720

  • Earliest photo on a distant maternal side, Catherine Cober Blough - 3G grandmother, b- 1834

    Egomania (some miscellaneous pictures)

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